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Diego Bonomo

Foto in bottiglia...

Limited Edition
Some pictures are limited edition out of 10 copies in 3 formats A1+, A2 e A3. Fine Art Print is guaranteed, signed, accompanied by a Proof of Artist and a certificate with all the features such as type of paper, camera and date.
I will soon create a page to show which are the limited edition pictures .

Fine Art Print
The paper I love most is Matte(Hahnemühle Photo Rag®) 100% cotton but on request I can print on different kind of Fine Art support 

Paper: Hahnemühle
Model: Photo Rag® Matte
Density: 308gsm
Format :A1+(60x90cm) - A2(60x42cm) - A3(48x33cm)

Prices(Matte - Hahnemühle Photo Rag®)
A1+ - limited edition: 160 euro 
A2  -  limited edition: 130 euro 
A3  -  limited edition: 110 euro 
-- Others
A1+:130 euro
A2 :100 euro 
A3 :80 euro 


Prints are sold without passepartout and shipping costs are not included, they depend on the destination. I assure a safe packaging.


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